sports scrunchie for your hair

All About The Great Herr Sports Scrunchie

In thinking of the idea of a Sports Scrunchie, I knew it had to be functional and stylish at the same time.

As an athlete I have always trained and played in a Scrunchie, and always desired a scrunchie that could secure my thick hair and look cute at the same time. I feel playing in a Scrunchie can add a bit of personality and femininity to any training outfit or sports uniform. 

The Great Herr Sports Scrunchie

In creating the sports scrunchie, I sourced the best fabric and elastic to make sure the scrunchie can be reliable for your training and competition needs.

The Fabric


The fabric used to make the Scrunchie is a premium nylon. Comprised of 80% Nylon 20% Elastane. It has a soft feel, with a matt finish.

As a result the sports scrunchie is sweat, chlorine and abrasion resistant. It is also chlorine resistant and UV protective (UPF 50+). 

The Elastic

Both the mini and regular Great Herr Sports scrunchie is reinforced with strong elastic, to ensure your hair stays secured when you are exercising. The elastic is still stretchy enough to wrap around your hair 2 or more times depending on the thickness of your hair.  

Together with the fabric and the elastic, I believe it's the perfect combination for a hair scrunchie you can rely on.

Carry a little Great Herr with you.


Quanita, Founder of The Great Herr Sporty Club

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