About Us


Our Mission

At Great Herr our mission is to inspire, empower and uplift young girls and women in sport. 

We aim to connect and grow a community of women supporting women,  encouraging and celebrating each other as we strive to achieve our goals and ambitions as individuals and as a team.

Our Founder

"Hello, my name is Quanita, and I am the founder of Great Herr. I have lived and breathed sport my entire life, having the honour of being a South African women's hockey player, with an ongoing professional hockey career of 12 years to date. I have had the privilege of attending three World Cups and Commonwealth Games, as well as an Olympic Games. I started Great Herr from a need to have stylish, yet functional Scrunchies to keep my hair secured whilst I train and compete on the field. My goal for Great Herr is to establish a brand that can make a difference in the lives of girls and women through sport, to connect us all to one big Sporty Club"

About Great Herr Part 1